TeamPulse is a Agile project management tool. It helps Agile teams track and collaborate over features, user stories and bugs.

The problem

Initially TeamPulse was a MS Silverlight application that heavily utilized (where appropriate and where not) the MS Office UI paradigms – the ribbon, rich text editing etc.

In 2012 the functionality could no longer fit into the initial UI framework. Also the technology became a dead-end as Microsoft decided to drop support.

The solution

I’ve worked on the redesign of the product in 2012.

The goal of the redesign was to provide:

  • flexible IA and UI framework that could handle the growing number of features and information (some clients already had tens of thousands of items logged in the product).
  • new visual design – modern looking and making digesting of the large volumes of data easily understandable
  • new technology – a speedy Single Page Application build with HTML5 and JavaScript that can be rendered Ok on multiple browsers and devices.

Here a couple of marketing videos that show the product and its features in action:

The Outcome

The new version was very well perceived by existing customers and also was one of the main reasons many new clients joined. In 2014 crossed for the first time the 1 million dollar sales.