Telerik SiteFactory

The development of DigitalFactory (read more about that project) required new infrastructure for hosting Telerik's CMS SiteFinity in the cloud.

The problem

SiteFinity CMS was designed as on-premise solution managed by the clients themselves. But the recent years cloud infrastructure is adopted by more and more enterprises because of the reduced costs and time for maintaining.

Many of the SiteFinity customers wanted to offload the develops side of maintaining the CMS - buying servers, updating its software, etc. They wanted SaaS solution that automated many of these activities. In some cases these clients were having hundreds of websites and maintains them was quickly becoming a huge burden.

The solution

Telerik SiteFactory provided an easy to setup and maintain cloud environment for hosting SiteFinity CMS and the sites.

My role

I was UX designer for the product. This included designing the functionality for:

  • deploying websites to different environments and keeping these instances up-to-date and secure
  • monitoring website's vital statistics and uptime
  • monitoring hardware status and troubleshooting errors
The environments management UI
Uptime and performance UI

The outcome

DigitalFactory was never released officially due to a change of the Progress Software management and direction. Even so, there were deals worth several million USD that were close to sign because several Fortune 100 enterprises were interested in the offering.