Telerik DigitalFactory

In early 2016 I started working as part of the team of Telerik DigitalFactory. This was a solution (consisting of multiple products) aimed at unifying the enterprise content management process and toolset across web and mobile.

The problem

While many of Telerik customers already used multiple Telerik products to manage their content (Sitefinity CMS) and create complex and usable UI (Telerik DevTools components and Telerik Platform) for web and mobile, all of these products were not clearly integrated. Enterprise customers could not understand what would be the benefit of using them integrated and even if they did it was not seamless experience.

The company decided to create a cloud-based offering that stored all company website and mobile app assets and help enterprises save on reusing and deploying this content across multiple channels.

The challenge was to create an interface that combined and more importantly explained how to use all these products to deliver better experience for the enterprise’s end-customers.

The solution

Telerik DigitalFactory provided a single entry-point and interface between several of the key Telerik products.

My role

As part of the UX team on the project my main deliverables were:

  • Create the getting started experience and the navigation structure that helped explain the solution and its containing parts
  • Design the UX of some new tools – the DevOps portal of the DigitalFactory which handled the deployment of content and new software versions across various environments
  • Helping create a style guide and design patterns library that could be used from developers and other designers when creating new features
  • Help with supporting materials and demos used by Sales teams when pitching the solution

The outcome

The solution was never released officially due to a change of the Progress Software management and direction. Even so, there were deals worth several million USD that were close to sign because several Fortune 100 enterprises were interested in the offering.


The start screen of DigitalFactory
The environments management UI
Uptime and performance UI