Telerik DigitalFactory Style Guide

The development of DigitalFactory (read more about that project) was an effort spread across multiple development teams. It also involved 6 UX designers working on various parts of the platform.

The problem

Dozens of software engineers and team of UX designers all creating various products needed unified guidelines on how the UI should look and work like as part of one solution.

The solution

DigitalFactory style guide was a centralized visual and interaction design library. The library provided universal patterns that could be applied in different contexts. The goal was that each developer and designer knew exactly how individual parts, components and flows in the UI should look and behave, but still had the freedom to combine them in a relevant to their specific customers UX.

The Style Guide was also a shared Axure RP project and UI element library that designers could use when creating their own wireframes

My role

As part of the UX team behind the project my responsibilities were:

  • Structure the style guide so that it contains all needed patterns and specifications and is usable by developers
  • Create and maintain a few of the patterns and guidelines
  • Provide feedback to other UX designers on the team about their contributions to the Style Guide.
An extract from the Style Guide

The outcome

The style guide ensured unified experience across a wide variety of Telerik products. It was complemented by extensive front-end development framework that further streamlined the development effort and saved a lot of time from styling similar components across the products.