2017 - Present

Senior Principal UX Designer
Progress Software

In the beggining of 2017 I joined a brand new team, forming the first Progress Labs project. Operating as a (startup) company withing the company, NativeChat team deveped a innovative chatbot development platform.


Principal UX Designer
Progress Software

In the end of 2015 I was promoted to Principal UX Designer. That meant that I was going to work not only on a specific product but also have in-depth knowledge on a portfolio of company projects. I had to work with product teams and management to deliver cohesive solution that integrated several of Progress products.


Senior UX Designer
(later aquired by Progress Software)

During these years I worked on different products from the company portfolio. All of them were targeted at software developers aiding them in different stages of the development process.

  • Telerik Your Account - the shopping cart, user account and license renewal sections of
  • Telerik Rebranding - rebranding and restructuring of a 1 million+ page website
  • Telerik TeamPulse - an agile software project management tool
  • Telerik ScreenBuilder - mobile app design tool that generates working code
  • Telerik AppFeedback - mobile app feedback and bug reporting tool


Senior Ineraction Designer

My main responsibility was to design highly usable interfaces for different types of web based solutions. This includes requirements gathering, user research, prototyping and front-end implementation. The scale of the projects varies from small presentational websites done within small budget and timeframe to large systems which take over a year or two to design and develop. I also do consulting on UX best practices both for clients and project team during the whole process. I have also worked with external usability consultancies to validate the effectiveness of my designs.

  • CRM – participated in the redesign of Netage Solutions flagship product Dynamo (migration form Outlook based software to completely web-based SaaS platform). The project took nearly 2 years to complete. During the first 6 months I designed high fidelity prototypes to explore different interface approaches so we can validate them with actual users and external usability consulting agency (HCI).
  • CMS – from 2006 to 2008 I designed a content management system for a group of four online news media sites, a social network and a classified ads site all owned by the Bulgarian Web Media Group Plc. All sites shared common user base and multimedia resources. The content upload required complex workflow and collaboration between teams of different professionals – journalists, multimedia editors, sales people etc. The project was very successful turning the group in a leading media in the country. In 2010 the newest version of the CMS was implemented at the largest Bulgarian television and runs its website ( which gets over a 1 million pageviews a day. Since 2008 I worked on the design of Netage’s CMS framework that powers many of the websites we develop. Its powerful widget and template based ideology allows site owners to have complete control over their web sites via a simple but powerful administrative interface.
  • Online services – worked with Bulgaria’s largest alternative telecom Orbitel to design online management for their low cost VoIP and internet solutions. Also designed the interface for the largest classified business directory Golden Pages which includes keyword and location search, and also the self-service section of the site which allows businesses to buy and manage their listings.
  • E-commerce – designed the interface for an airline ticket reservation system The site offered unique for the time features which required innovative interface solutions. The search engine was so good that it returned very high number of results so it was very important to present these in a comprehendible and usable way.
  • Corporate websites – worked on the mainly presentational websites for several large corporations, including the biggest Bulgarian banks, telecoms, real estate, engineering etc.


Information Architect

My first full-time job. I gathered valuable experience working on projects for various types of clients - NGOs, government organizations, small, medium and big private companies.

  • UniCredit Bulbank – the website for biggest Bulgarian bank. It had to give precise description of the vast array of banking services Unicredit offered to its large customer base.
  • State Privtisation Agency – the website was a comprehensive database for all Bulgarian state owned companies that were to be privatized.
  • bTV – redesign of several sections of the website of the largest private TV network in Bulgaria.
  • – music portal for selling MP3s. It was a large catalogue of artist and albums, but also had news and charts sections.
  • Bulgarian Football Union – mainly presentational website, but it included a large sport statistics module for all championships where Bulgarian football teams participated on national and club level.

2017–onward Senior Principal UX Designer, Progress Software

2016 Principal UX Designer, Progress Software

2015 Senior UX Designer, Progress Software

2014 Senior UX Designer, Progress Software

2011–2014 Senior UX Designer, Progress Software

2007–2011 Senior UX Designer, Netage Solutions